Thursday, October 30, 2014

Understanding the process of Image Segmentation

Image segmentation is the process in which we do portioning of digital image into multiple segments. We convert the image information into more meaningful and easy to analyze data.  Segmentation is not so easy in image processing and it is still in research.

In image segmentation we extract the information from the image. We use segmentation in object detection and feature extraction, in this we firstly do the edge segmentation. 

Edge segmentation is the process in which when the intensity changes abruptly it can create edges in an image. Second we use segmentation by Thresholding, in thresholding process we use grey scale image and composed dark intensity image on light background.

Image segmentation

Thresholding is the way to separate out your information from image and it easy to analyze. We use histogram, histogram is the technique improving the contrast of an image for thresholding. 

It is the common step of image processing when we are going to do recognition, object detection, region estimation, feature extraction.

Whenever we do segmentation our goal is to extract the information clearly because we want the information easy to analyse and understand.

Author - Rahul Bhardwaj
(Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

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