Thursday, May 8, 2014

VLSI Projects

Electronic B.Tech graduate students opt for the or higher studies only if they have a will to do a research in a particular field or they are intellectually challenged by the technology. There are several domains in which they can pursue their and higher studies. One of the domain from them is the VLSI (very large scale integration). 

The VLSI domain includes core concepts like semiconductor physics and analog electronics which itself is a challenge for the students and the next hurdle in this domain is the research project i.e. the students are required to do IEEE research project in their final year of post-graduation.  Such students can not get a way to tackle the problems at their own. They are needed to get a technical guidance and support related to their projects. Some of the students go for frontend (Design and Verification) VLSI projects while a few show interest in Backend projects (Physical Design).

There are a countable number of entities or organizations which provides a depth training on tools and concepts of VLSI. SiliconMentor is an idol stepping stone in entire north India which aims to aspire the students in core VLSI technology and believes in delivering a beneath the concepts knowledge to the students and stands for the VLSI students as a supporting hand. They provide us with the great hands on tools and knowledge transfer.

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