Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doing Research in image and signal processing by M.Tech and PhD students

Doing research in signal and image processing is having a fight with time domain and frequency domain methods. The algorithm and complexity theory put a hard delay to complete his/her M.Tech/PhD thesis within the allotted time (2 year for M.Tech and 3-4 year for PhD). The student is subjected to do his/her practical implementation in real system by using MATLAB or other DSP tools. 

The M.Tech and PhD in DSP is aimed at capturing a conceptual understanding of mathematical algorithm, theoretical and implementation aspects of signal and image.

Here are the few steps in the journey of a research project:

Base Paper selection:

Most students’ do his/her research or project based on an IEEE Paper (conference or transaction) or from a good impact factor journal. So, that student is expected to implement the complete idea presented in that particular “base paper”. After proving this paper he/she expected to do somewhat new in terms of concept or results.

Finish this research within allotted time (2 year for M.Tech and 3-4 year for PhD):

It depends upon the student’s ability and complexity of the Base Paper. Because we all know signal and image processing are typical and mathematical areas. However, some of the results given in these particular papers are not to be expected mean these results are fake. The major problem in India is that the curriculum certainly not providing enough research environment.

How to check the complexity and quality of “Base paper “

A student can understand the quality and complexity of the particular journal by impact factor, citation, manuscript submission and publication process, an acceptance percentage of that particular journal.

Searching for Guidance in Research or Project:

When student didn’t get any support from their campus they will search for guidance in their M.Tech or PhD projects. In such case they could find some project centers. These project centers provide them list of IEEE projects in signal and image processing and claim that they are having all concept and algorithms of these papers.
Students who sink into any of one get low quality paper and thesis. And submit this low quality paper in his/her university which is not considered real research.

How to find a good research partner and research platform?

There is a balanced and novel way to find a research partner, for this there should be following qualities:
Past work done by research entity.

Research guides profile in terms of their published work in International and national level.

  •  Total Published work quality
  •  Research environment
  •  Available Tools
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