Friday, September 19, 2014

Signal Processing : What is Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ? Its types and applications?

Signal processing as the name suggests receiving signal and process them. Before we discuss about receiving and processing of signals we must know what is a signal? Definition of signal is a difficult task. Anything which carries information is a signal. For ex. Human voice, motion, gesture, Traffic light signal, etc.

Signal processing is an area which deals with the analysis (theory and practice) of analog and digital signal representing time domain or frequency varying physical quantity. Processing of signal mean to extract some useful information from the signal by electrical engineering and applied mathematics. 

Signal Processing system 

Signal Processing Subfields:
      Analog Signal Processing
·         Digital Signal Processing
·         Discrete-time signal processing

Here we are describing most innovative and challenging field of signal processing which is the Digital Signal Processing. 

Digital Signal Processing: Digital signal processing is to be applied mathematics manipulation of digitized discrete signal. There are number of processors used for processing and these may be ASICs, FPGAs, or special DSP processers. Here, firstly information which is analog signal received by the antenna is filtered and sampled and then it is to be converted in digital with ADC and DAC. So, Digital signal processing is more complex than analog signal processing, but due to high computational power, high error rate correction and data compression, Digital Signal Processing has more advantages over analog processing.

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing Applications: DSP has a wide variety of application because it’s programmable. You can create your own application specific processors with FPGA prototyping or ASICs (Which required foundry supports) and software. Secure and fast signal transmission is possible for large data with the help of compression security, fast digitized computation.

Here are the few applications of digital signal processing,

Digital Image processing (Feature extraction, Pattern recognition, Multi scale Analysis)
Audio Signal Processing (storage, level compression, data compression, transmission, enhancement)
Image /Video compression (MPEG, VC-2, JPEG-2000, H.263/64/65)
Digital Communication (LDPC, FEC Codes, Cryptography, AES)
Biomedical Imaging & Signaling Analysis (MRI, CAT, ECG, EEG, Cardiac Pacemaker, Brain Chip, Artificial Eye)
Speech recognition (Automatic translation, Hands-free computing, home automation, multimodal interaction, robotics, speech-to-text reporter).

Application of Digital Signal

Digital Signal Processing Research Area: As far as we all know DSP has a wide range of algorithm for specialized computing for different-different applications. The DSP team at SiliconMentor operates the largest and unique research program for budding & innovative engineers from all over the worlds.
This program provides a strong knowledge and foundation in various aspects of DSP. In this program Silicon Mentor team covers fundamental of Digital Signal Processing, signal processing for biomedical, Image analysis for Biomedical and Multimedia applications, Pattern recognition and feature extraction for artificial intelligence and computer vision. 

DSP research areas:
  • Biomedical Imaging and Signaling
  • Audio and Video Processing and retrieval
  • Visual and Motion Analysis
  • Hardware system for signal processing
  • Signal processing for communication
  • Neural Network and artificial intelligence

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