Saturday, February 14, 2015

How To Write A Fully Acceptable IEEE Paper: Critical Rules

The improvement of technology in every phase of life is all because of one thing, which is the contribution of the researcher for the wellness and improvement of the society with individual growth. This can be done with a perfect way which is known as publishing their work in well known publishing house for upcoming generations and current industries to work upon the implementation of the concept or experiment. The best publication name for every technology is IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). This article is emphasized on the common rules for writing an IEEE standard paper. Before jump on the critical rules of writing good acceptable IEEE paper one should know common reason to publish one’s work.

Why To Publish In IEEE?

  •  IEEE publication brings a status in professional community.
  • In a good University a Professor always demand IEEE paper from their research students.
  • IEEE paper helps research student to make their career in R&D services.
  • It is necessary for survival in academics.
  • For Engineer in industry, IEEE publication truly reflects successes in career.
  • If a researcher in industry looking for a career in university.
  • IEEE publication brings Satisfaction.

 Rules For IEEE Publication

The IEEE publication commonly includes description of the topic, mathematical analysis, simulation study and experimental results. One can ask why we use simulative results. The answer is “Validation of concept or analytical results by simulation study is important but simulation is as good as model. If the model is not accurate enough, the simulation gives on approximate results.” Therefore to understand the best way to write IEEE paper is given as follows:
IEEE Paper
Fig: Common Flow Diagram to write an IEEE publication Top to Down

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