Saturday, February 21, 2015

SiliconMentor: Revealing the Story behind its existence

SiliconMentor is a group of young entrepreneurs pledged to innovate in the field of VLSI by instantaneous interpositions in the technology. It was started in way back July 2013

Every start up has its own unique story and some key factors that drove them to start their setup and so is behind the existence of SiliconMentor. SiliconMentor emerged with an idea of two brainstorming VLSI engineers straying to find an opportunity to apply their skills both in terms of technology and its commercialization.

Having started in a box like structure as their workspace, their goals and visions changed at every step as they, themselves did not know about their forthcoming journey. Both of them had mesmerizing ideas to give a challenge to the semiconductor industries and sustain in the core world of electronics. 

On the very first day they sat on their seats with a hope to connect themselves with the VLSI aspirants and provide a certified and conceptual training to the B.Tech and M.Tech students. However, they were hopeless before they got engaged in the first research project in VLSI and later the celebrations after the completion of the project were like Indians celebrate after a victory over Pakistan.

Meanwhile, this was the beginning only before they started to convince the people by promising themselves to be the best among all the VLSI engineers having their setups in the Delhi-NCR region of India.

As much as they earned, they spent to fulfill their desires and more than that with a belief in the saying that “Savers are those, who do not know the ways to earn more” and later the time turned its phase and the ball curtailed in their court.

They went on getting the research projects one after the another and became experts to detect and correct the several small as well as giant problems related to the VLSI circuits and architectures. 

As the time snoozed off, so their goal jerked. Ideas were revolving around to become the most innovative research entity in the field of semiconductor but, the path was still in a haze. 

It is often said that “there is a delay but not the denial” and it completely applied on both of them because they delayed the delivery of work but never anticipated the students to a wrong path.

Semiconductor industry demanded mammoth money in the pocket along with the talent in the mind. The talent they had was not enough to traverse the VLSI world. 

Unlike the western governments, Indian government hardly supports the research activities which was also a discouragement for them and still a milestone to cover up.


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