Friday, February 27, 2015

Top 25 Rules to write High Impact Factor IEEE Conference/Transaction Papers

Every Researcher or student want to publish their work in one of the best publishing houses but maximum of them get depressed because of the initial long span of correction of the paper in IEEE like publication, because most of the IEEE papers are not organized in  proper format. This disorganized paper either takes more than a year to publish or gets rejected. In this article we have given top 25 keys to publish a highly recognizable paper. 

The rules are given as follows:

1)       Writing a good paper needs good writing skills.
2)       Before writing a paper, review some good papers published by well established and reputed authors.
3)       The title should clearly reflect motive of the research.
4)       Primer contributor should be the first author.
5)       The co-authors should be on the basis of amount of their contribution in the work.
6)   It is not supposed to add the name of HOD or financial supporter until or unless they have made any contribution in the research work.
7)      Carefully check your paper or work for plagiarism i.e. should not be publishing many of the paper on the same idea or work.
8)       Collect the references on which the work is based for the proper citation of the paper.
9)       Add especially few extra references and two to three relevant books to the subject.
10)   Add figures which should be explanatory and convey clear distributions in the paper.
11)   While using the graphs grid should be light in color with clear variable distribution and scale.
12)   While writing the paper equation is the most important segment of the paper. Therefore while writing equations one should use proper symbols with local definition of the symbols.
13)   The derivations which are necessary should be induced briefly in the appendix.
14)   Organize all the points in detail and in proper sequence for each section and sub-section before starting the writing work.
15)   Especially for non English countries check the English composition spelling and grammar.
16)   Sometimes the average technical papers are accepted in good publication because of their excellent writing.
17)   Abstract should completely focus on work.
18)  After abstract the first thing is to give introduction of the work. The introduction should denote the general importance of your work and the overview of preliminaries of the research.
19)   Next step defines the contribution of the past work with the reference of the past work on which your work is based. After this you need to prove that, why your work is is unique or better than the conventional work.
20)   After writing the introduction, the remaining steps should consist of crystal clear and very simple description of the required content in a logical manner.
21)   Finally the results and significance of the work will be discussed in conclusion.
22)   An acknowledgement should be included after conclusion if you have taken help from others to complete your work.
23)   After writing the full draft, iterate it several times for improvement and to give final touch for polishing of written English.
24)  Check for all figures are clear or not and draw all the block diagrams using proper tools instead of attaching snapshots.
25)   In last check for everything id it is expressed correctly, clearly and logically. And most importantly check for all relevant references and paper formatting length.

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