Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hardware Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms

Digital image processing is done to improve the quality of images. The images are processed and enhanced in order to obtain the required information from it. It is an ever expanding field with a number of applications in medicine, space, art, meteorology, etc. Hardware implementation of digital image processing techniques is very commonly done using Verilog-HDL or VHDL gives a logical explanation of any circuit which can be further developed and tested. The main advantage of using HDLs is that any logical input can be simulated on FPGA (Hardware implementation).Application specific hardware implementation offers much greater speed than a software implementation.

Advancements in VLSI technology have made this hardware implementation an attractive, feasible and less time consuming task to undergo.  FPGA is one of the best technologies available for hardware design  because their structure is able to exploit spatial and temporal parallelism .FPGAs are ideal in many embedded systems applications because of their small size, low power consumption ,a number of input-output  ports and logic blocks. Also FPGAs are reprogrammable chips, hence are very versatile to be used.

Algorithms can be implemented in Verilog HDL using Xilinx ISE, MATLAB and MODEL SIM. Hardware implementation of Verilog codes provides us with the ability to verify the logical codes simulated using software. Hardware implementation helps in the co-simulation of the already simulated logic. It helps the designer to reformulate the algorithm.

It provides us an overlook of the way the respective logical circuit will work when brought to real life applications. Also, an idea of the market need of the circuit and how it will actually work, is provided by hardware implementation. The use of reconfigurable hardware to implement algorithms for image processing minimizes the time-to-market cost, provides prototyping and debugging.

Therefore, the reconfigurable devices like FPGA seem to be the ideal choice for implementation of image processing algorithms. SiliconMentor is a team with expertise in the fields both software implementation and hardware prototyping. The team focuses to provide a shared platform for the researchers and innovators by providing guidance in the specified areas.

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