Friday, March 27, 2015

Importance of Research Paper Publication in Your PhD Research

On internet you can find a million of research papers on different topics of the world. The topics can be related to different research areas such as Engineering, Science, arts or any other topic which can contribute in the advancement of the world in respective areas. Whenever a student enters in Second year or third year of their bachelor education, their mentors start to suggest them to publish their work. In the same scenario Master and PhD level students also publish research papers. Therefore the question arise why should we publish our research? This article is focused on importance of research paper publication in PhD and concludes pint wise the importance of research paper publication in PhD. PhD students usually begin their course to earn title ‘Dr’ in front of their name but after some time they realize that to earn a PhD degree they all need to publish more and more high quality research papers at national as well as international level.

This Research publication during PhD helps them in following ways:

  •          Research paper publication is important if somebody wants to remain in academia after completion of the PhD.

  •          Every university has their unique procedure to award PhD to their students. The usual process is to submit thesis but in some of the universities PhD students can submit few good quality published research papers instead of PhD thesis.

  •          The high quality research papers during PhD helps recruiters to select the best PhD scholars for future academic or researcher position.

  •          A high quality research paper helps PhD scholars to stand out from the group of ordinary researchers.

The importance of research paper publication can also be understood using an example. Let us suppose an academic or industrial organization want to test or measure the researcher reputation in national as well as international level for hiring or funding purpose. 

In that case the organization may pursue the following procedure.

  •          The number of research papers and the quality.
  •          The impact of research in terms of number of citations.
  •          National and international level research papers.
  •          National and international level research funding received.
There are many more factors for which a PhD scholar should publish a research paper anybody can explore it at Silicon Mentor.

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