Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interplay Between Biology and Technology


We know that biology is the study of life and living organisms with their evolution, function and growth and technology is the collection of the techniques, processes and methods used in the production of any goods such as scientific investigation.  Biology mainly is an investigation to human health related processes. In today’s world, human birth rate is more than the death rate and it is only due to the merging of biology and technology because technology processes the human biology in a better and safer way. So, biotechnology (biology + technology) is the use of living things in any technical application or use of the technical things in particular application of human life. People have used biotechnology in many fields such as food production, agriculture, medicine, genetic engineering and in industries to make chemicals, textiles, papers and Biofuels. 

About biotechnology, we can say that it is the combination of human technology with human intelligence. Biomedical technology is also the part of biotechnology in which technology plays main role as medicine to check and enhance human health with or without the help of a doctor. Our body parts, which are the part of biological study, are tested by the technical equipment using different biomedical signals (i.e. electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electrooculography, carotid pulse, phonocardiogram, and speech signals) that are generated by our body. Nanotechnology (Nano Science + Technology) also play a vital role in developing medicines and equipment which increase the human health rate.

Today’s bio-technical devices (healthcare devices) are easily available in the market due to their low cost and effectiveness in measurement of every health related problems. According to the healthcare device indications, our body can be checked up by the doctor when required otherwise we can take required medicines to overcome our body issues. In these days, problems in the human health are increasing due to pollution and low nutrient food. Only due to the advancement in the biotechnology, average age of human living is increased that makes biotechnology more important in the lives of people.

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