Monday, June 30, 2014


Process corners refer to the process inaccuracies, temperature and other parameter variations. The simulations that are used to analyze these process inaccuracies are different from each other. The corners describe the differences of a chip behavior form its nominal condition are usually supplied with the process kit and these are originally located in model libraries.

These kit contains  corner condition for the SS, FF, TT, FS, SF etc process, where these abbreviations stands for Slow NMOS-Slow PMOS, Fast NMOS-Fast PMOS, Typical NMOS-Typical PMOS, Fast NMOS-Slow PMOS, Slow NMOS-Fast PMOS etc. These corner conditions are checked with the help of EDA or simulation process and in result it describes IC behavior. It may contain the process of temperature variation and Vdd (supply voltage) variation depends on customer IC requirement. e.g. For car manufacturing company the IC should be checked for  maximum corner conditions and temperature variations otherwise  IC will not fulfill all requirement.­­­

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