Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Research work at IEEE level

IEEE has become a de facto standard for professors and research scholars working on emerging technologies and applied science. The organization provides an active platform were the latest inventions and trends are discussed and published. IEEE has promoted research at every level from institutional to professional to bring it up to a level.
At institutional level students pursuing graduation, post graduation or doctorate are highly involved in research on specific topics. The topic of research is selected by the candidate depending upon his area of interest and recent work being carried out or completed in that field. Which may be found out in technology or science journals being published by pioneers like IEEE, Elsevier, Springer etc.

Research needs dedication and complete involvement from the point when one starts looking for the topic of interest, after which he/she looks for research papers on the topic which student uses as base papers for the research. These base papers are easily available at IEEE explore, the biggest digital library of research papers. Thorough study of IEEE base paper is very essential to understand the basic idea and concept behind the work presented in the paper and the references. The other prerequisite for a high level of research is proper guidance for the research. That’s why every student is required to work under a highly qualified guide. The guide is supposed to help student to visualize and analyze every aspect his/her research interest so that the student is able to come up with an improvement in previous concept or an innovation in the domain.

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