Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wearable Technology

 In the era of technology, we want things which connect to each other to simplify our daily life. So, we need those devices (smaller, smarter and more efficient) which can easily connect wirelessly and controlled by one device. Wearable technology is one of the best choice for us to simplify tasks from any place we go.

Wearable technology continues to be increasing and will produce many opportunities for wearers in the future. Wearable smart watches, wearable smart glasses, wearable bands (which will control by hands movement in different directions), wearable camera with projector (which can take pictures and projects at any place) and wearable computers are examples of these technologies which are connected to a network through Bluetooth, wifi (or internet) and infrared etc.

 In 21st centuries, wearable technology has become a main focus for major tech companies like Apple, google, Microsoft. A news website reported that Apple was recently awarded a new patent for a head-mounted display that scarcely resembles with the virtual Rift goggles made by Oculus, it recently bought by Facebook in $2 billion. Google glass is a wearable goggles computer with an optical-head-mounted display. Google glass displays information on a Smartphone like formats and person communicates with the Internet via natural language voice commands using google glass. But we want more what next Google is doing with glass or what Microsoft is planning with its big experiment into the Internet of Things(IoT) and all companies are fighting for visibility.

 Wearable technology can help those people who have partial deafness and partial blindness. These technologies can also tell us about our health problems (BP, Sugar level etc.) at any place. So we should need to focus on these technologies for bright futures. These technologies are specialized applications, so we can think such types of IC's and software’s which will use in that applications to make these smart.

Author :-  Deepak Berwal 
(Research Associate at SiliconMentor)

Wearable Technology

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