Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to start with System Generator

System generator is the high level tool designed especially for high performance DSP systems using all Xilinx programmable devices. System generator for DSP provide high quality DSP algorithm which accelerate the development in less time as compared to traditional RTL. Following are some key features of system generator :-

•    Using industry’s most advanced FPGAs, system generator develop highly parallel systems.

•    With the help of Simulink and MATLAB, system generator provides modeling and generates HDL codes automatically.

•    System generator produces integration of hardware component of DSP system, RTL, embedded, IP, and MATLAB.

System Generator

 With the help of System Generator, designers which have a little design experience on FPGAs can quickly design good quality FPGAs of DSP algorithm in a fraction of time as compared to traditional RTL.

System generator accelerates design with simulation by leveraging the combination of System Generator for DSP design environment with latest release of the Vivado Design suit with following features.
•    Provide support for 20nm All Programmable ASIC-class architecture.

•    Provide support for Hardware Co-simulation for the KC705 and VC707 prototyping platforms allows for more simulation cycles in one iteration.

•    By passing data through FIFO and BRAM facilitate a complete system level design and this support for multiple asynchronous clock domains.

•    By using cross probe between a model and the waveform viewer enables quick debugging and verification.

Xilinx DSP Design Platform is integrated with Vivado IDE, IP catalog and High-Level Synthesis. System generator quickly imports Vivado IP for modeling with Simulink. It incorporates a DSP algorithm into All Programmable SoCs or FPGAs of Xilinx. Xilinx blockset are useful to design and debug high performance DSP system in Simulink that contain signal processing function, error correction, memories and digital logic. Best part of System generator is that it automatically generates HDL codes from Simulink implement behavioral (RTL). Code generation and hardware co-simulation feature provide option of validation of working hardware. System generator accelerates simulations in MATLAB and Simulink.

 Author - Poornima Sharma
(Intern at Silicon Mentor)

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