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Writing Ph.D Thesis/Dissertation - The first phase

Idea of writing PhD thesis brings a lot of confusions, misconceptions and unanswered questions in the mind of PhD aspirants. Some of the difficulties they come across are related to the selection of the topic, starting the study, or time allocation for different phases of the thesis. One can handle these easily if one is determined and familiar with the current and recent topics and trends being followed in his field of interest. In this article the first step of thesis writing has been discussed with do’s and don’ts which one should follow in this phase.

Topic selection

 Topics should be selected after gaining a brief idea of recent work being carried out in the concerned domain and where it overlaps to your academic interests. There are many sources and ways which help in this.

-  Attending conferencing and referring to topic specific journals proves to be helpful in choosing a current and recent topic of interest.

-  Talking to colleagues and fellow students about their research and attending their presentations.

-  Interacting with your guide is a good idea as he has got more experience; it helps in at least Rough Idea of the Process.                       

Even in the study phase keep in mind that that you have to do research in an area not on an area. So, only reading papers and doing nothing effectively is researching on area and it leads to depression as every area seems to have been thought of already.

The other thing one should do is to take non-realistic topic as research takes time. Even if you have a lot of time to spare, never choose a topic without doing a deep study of feasibility and the problem your research will solve in the area.

At last the final suggestion is that, never look for the right topic or the hot topic as there is no right topic and your appropriate topic should be blend of your interest and current problems in the area and what’s hot today may be ice cold tomorrow and your research is going to take time.

Let's take a Video Tutorial for "  PhD Thesis Planning and Writing "

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Author - Krishan Verma
(Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

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