Monday, August 18, 2014

Analog VLSI Training and projects

There is a huge demand of VLSI engineers in analog and mixed signal domain. The experts of these domains are highly paid in comparison to the other experts of different technology domains.

Silicon Mentor has designed course to train and develop a standard in the field of Analog VLSI design. Silicon Mentor is a group of VLSI engineers and researchers who are working on different VLSI domains like fronted VLSI Design and Backend VLSI Design. Silicon mentor is the only entity in India which is providing training in backend especially in Analog VLSI design. We do not believe only in theoretical knowledge that is why we provide a series of experiments on different analog VLSI projects. We have executed different analog, mixed signal and other projects using different spice models.

We uses different technology file to execute the analog experiments, some of them are as: TSMC 180nm, 130nm, IBM 90 nm PTM model cards up o 45 nm etc. There are different step wise and steps phase of Analog VLSI training and projects. These all phases are designed in accordance of the current VLSI industry requirements.     


                                                                                                         Author - Dinesh Chauhan
                                                                                                       (Research Associate at Silicon Mentor

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