Friday, August 1, 2014

VLSI Training in Delhi NCR

VLSI training is the most important steps for the students who want to join VLSI industries or higher studies after B.Tech or M.Tech for the research and for those who want job in core electronics companies to settle their life. SiliconMentor has expertise and experience in the field of VLSI domain. Its expertise spans Verilog/SystemVerilog, FPGA, DSP using MATLAB, CMOS logic circuit, their RTL and circuit development, verification& layout using various tools. SiliconMentor targets the bridge between academics and industries because 90% graduates don’t have expertise in specific field and knowledgehow to enter in industries. So VLSI training is necessary to enhance and augment the knowledge in VLSI field. VLSI training has different modules for the different domains in VLSI such as Digital, Analogue, DSP, FPGA, Communication, Frontend and Backend design. In Frontend, we design RTL level and logic level blocks and their verification using Verilog/VHDL and SystemVerilog (tools like Modelsim and Questasim). A Netlist generates after the frontend design and their verification. This Netlist further propagates to the backend team for the circuit level and layout level design and verification using various tools like Cadence Virtuoso, Tanner (S-edit and L-edit), ADS, Cadence Orcad, P-Spice, H-Spice and Microwind. According to the training module, SiliconMentor gives you industries oriented training and also provides you different hand-on-project trainings. In India, two types of VLSI jobs available: 1st is in Frontend (Verilog design and verification) and 2nd in Backend (physical design automation). SiliconMentor makes you expertise in specific field to get your desired job.

VLSI Training in Delhi NCR
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Author - Deepak Berwal 
(Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

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