Friday, June 26, 2015

Analog & Mixed Signal Design Projects List

  •    Common source amplifier.
  •    Flash ADC Architecture using Multiplexers to Reduce a Preamplifier and Comparator Count.
  •    Design of SRAM Cell from (6 transistors-12 transistors).
  •    6 Bit multiplexed based modified Flash Analog to Digital converter.
  •    Over Current protection circuit.
  •    TIQ based ADC.
  •    Low supply Voltage High performance CMOS current mirror.
  •    Low power quad node 10T soft error tolerant SRAM cell for space applications. (at 90nm).
  •    Power reduction technique for low power SRAM’s with high soft error tolerance.
  •    Design of long reset time Power on reset (POR) circuit with Brown out detection.
  •    Design and analysis low power two stage operational amplifiers at 180 nm.
  •    Design and Simulation Difference Types CMOS Phase Frequency Detector for high speed and   low   Jitter PLL.
  •    Switched-current type of hamming neural network system for pattern recognition.
  •    Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Dropout Regulator.

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