Monday, June 1, 2015

Is It The Right Path To Pursue PhD Research?

PhD research is the highest level of academic research conducted in universities and institutes throughout the World. The methods used to conduct Ph.D. research are sound and the data that results from the research must be unique. There are many techniques has been created such as scientific methodologies have been created to ensure the soundness and uniqueness of doctoral research and to secure continuity in research results. The most often employed methodologies are quantitative methods, qualitative methods, comparative methods and clinical trials.

The world is producing a large number of PhD holders and their number is increasing every year. Therefore in this era how can a normal PhD holder can survive? World’s most population countries India and China producing more than 40,000 PhD every year. Most of the PhD has completed their research in a short duration which results in the quality of the graduates is not consistent. And Most of the PhD remains unemployed.

In our research whenever we think of doing the research we always think of  doing something innovative  which can change the world but when we come for real implementation of the idea we found only few things have done in our PhD research. The few things which done usually during PhD seems to be unique. What should we do? And, how to do? It depends on one’s circumstances but the research should contribute something new in the specific domain. 

Silicon Mentor is a place where many new researchers are working together to make something innovative and unique. These young researchers help the research students to pursue their research with some of the unique methodologies. Silicon Mentor have Expertise in different Domain such as Computer vision , Biomedical Research, Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning , Low Power VLSI , Mixed Signal VLSI , FPGA implementation.

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