Friday, June 26, 2015

Low Power Digital VLSI Projects List

  • Sleepy Keeper Approach for Power Performance Tuning in VLSI Design.
  • 0-9 bit pattern recognition circuits using neural network, 3-bit pattern recognition.
  • An adaptive Pulse-Triggered Flip-Flop for a High-Speed and Voltage Scalable Standard Cell Library.
  • Lewis grey comparator.
  • 4×4-Bit Array Two Phase Clocked Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic Multiplier with New XOR.
  • Adiabatic Logic Based Low Power Multiplexer and De-multiplexer.
  • Low Power D-latch design using MCML Tri-state Buffers.
  • Ultra Low Power NAND Based Multiplexer and Flip flop.
  • MOS Current Mode Logic Realization of Digital Arithmetic Circuits.
  • 0-0\9 digit pattern recognition circuit using neural network.
  • 6 transistors XOR and XNOR using FINFET.
  • Winner Take All Circuits of O (n) Complexity.
  • Low power adiabatic booth multiplier using Positive feedback adiabatic logic (PFAL).
  • Transmission gate based full adder in deep sub-micron technology.
  • Low power radix-4 booth multiplier using GDI logic.
  • High performance nibble multiplexer using modified adiabatic logic.
  • Sense energy recovery full adder working in sub-threshold region of operation.
  • Clock gated 4-bit Johnson counter using low power JK flip flop.
  • A Low-Power Level Shifter With Logic Error Correction for Extremely Low-Voltage Digital CMOS LSIs.
  • New Low-Power Techniques: Leakage Feedback with Stack & Sleep Stack with Keeper.
  • Low Power, Delay Optimized Buffer Design using 70 nm CMOS Technology.
  • Clock gated 4-bit Johnson counter using low power JK flip flop.
  • Design of a novel low power 8-transistor 1-bit full adder cell.
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