Thursday, July 3, 2014

Brain-computer Interfaces

It’s a very advance concept of forming a virtual link between a human brains and a computer aided external device. Basically this concept of a virtual link formation came into picture, by thinking that one can control his surrounding external devices just by simply giving instructions through his mind. In this concept, one has to wear electronic helmet and this helmet use to sense the brain signals and provide a wireless connectivity between human brain and the corresponding external computer aided devices.
This concept can be very much useful in the medical field. Such that, cases in which a person is paralyzed, even than he can easily convey his message through such interfacing devices. Till now, we stepped a lot in this direction. We can see many electronic gadgets such as heart pacemaker machine, pulse sensing wrist band etc.
Beside medical applications, this concept can be also applied to make our day to day life much easier. For example, this concept can be used in controlling home appliances, just by simply thinking what we want and our interfacing gadget will sense our mind signal and will give command to the corresponding appliance.
Hence we can easily conclude that this particular concept of brain computer interfacing will make a drastic change in the field of technology.

(Research Associate at SiliconMentor)

Brain Compuer interfaces

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