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MATLAB refers to the Matrix Laboratory which includes the math works with an integration of computation, visualization, and programming or MATLAB can be expressed as an interface between user and algorithms. MATLAB has become a tool of preference for the industries and academia due to its vitality in the electronics and related facets.

Most of the B.Tech colleges and universities do not emphasize on the MATRIX laboratory due to lack of MATLAB acquaintance with them and as a consequence of this the students gets deprived of the MATLAB concepts. After the completion of B.E/B.Tech students finds themselves running after the various institutes and training centers for the MATLAB training and other certified courses in MATLAB and same is the case with M.Tech students. However it becomes worse for the M.Tech students who are assigned with the MATLAB projects as an academic project for the fulfillment of university criteria.

So, the importance of MATLAB cannot be neglected when it comes to the engineering and instrumentation. Apart from the academics the students can opt for the training and research guidance on MATLAB projects and IEEE MATLAB projects along with the conceptual and advanced tool training at SiliconMentor which is known for its quality of work in the Delhi/NCR and entire northern INDIA.
SiliconMentor not only directs and assist the students in MATLAB projects but also advancing in VLSI domain of ECE and other sub-domains viz. Analog Design, Digital Design and Verification, Antenna and Digital Communication etc and also for the PhD research projects in VLSI and MATLAB. We SiliconMentor team delivers the work with full justifications and try to forward the work of associates up to patent level and gives an opportunity to the students and professors to own the patent of their work

Author - Aman Jangra
(Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

MATLAB Projects Training   

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