Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some Vital Guidelines for VLSI PhD Researchers

The IEEE PhD projects are intellectual challenging tasks in itself and when it comes to VLSI it becomes more and more complex for a student to start with his/her research project. The first and most prior thing is to choose the area of research or the topic selection for the research. Certain things should always kept in mind while selecting a topic of interest from the VLSI viz. One should never select a topic by getting enthusiastic and should never underestimate any topic because sometimes a student opts for a very difficult topic at the beginning but later it becomes very fractious for the student to cope up with the chosen topic. Hence, one should always give a thorough reading before topic selection. 

PhD Research Projects
Research Projects

Now, once the topic is selected it is really inevitable to support and direct the students at the regular instant of time so that he/she should be encouraged time to time. There are a number of VLSI companies/institutions who destine the VLSI PhD students during their research projects. So, students seek for the help from the VLSI institutes and get their research completed with the guidance of these institutes and companies.

SiliconMentor is VLSI Technology Company evolved to create a revolution in the field of VLSI and the only organization in northern INDIA who provides complete solutions for the students doing their PhD research projects in VLSI. SiliconMentor has the virtuosity in the core domains of electronics i.e. Advance Analog Design, RF and Mix-mode, Memory and Layouts, Digital Design and Verification i.e. Having caliber in both the sub domains of VLSI viz. Front end as well as Back end.

SiliconMentor guides the PhD and M.Tech students in their research which initiates from the topic selection followed by the base paper implementation and a novel approach is proposed for the research and modifications. The professors and students are advised in their thesis preparation and IEEE paper publications and publication in various national and International journals alongside.

The research supervision and assistance remains with the students and professors till their final submission and SiliconMentor tries to take the research work up to patent level so that we INDIANS can take forward our technology in our INDIA only.

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