Thursday, July 10, 2014

Importance of M.Tech/M.E Paper Publication

The industry oriented programs in engineering and information technology are increasing day by day. There are many educational degree program in engineering offered by IIT’s/BITS/NIT’s and other educational institutions. The M.Tech (Master of Technology)/M.E in VLSI is one of the prestigious engineering degree program. The Course curriculum for M.Tech/M.E in VLSI is divided as follows: 

Sem-1 Regular subjects + 1 Minor project
Sem-2 Regular subjects + 1 Major project
Sem-3 Regular subjects + Dissertation/Thesis part -1
Sem-4 Dissertation/Thesis part-2 

As, the course curriculum mainly depends on projects and thesis, it needs IEEE based VLSI Projects [According to the impact factor and recent research publication on critical and innovative topics the IEEE known to be the best source for research supporting data].The VLSI thesis/projects are divided in two parts, VLSI front-end projects and VLSI back-end projects. The main motto to describe about M.Tech [VLSI] is to tell you about the importance of paper publication during masters. The importance can be understood with a story:
“Let us suppose you are doing a project/ thesis and you have to show your project description to some of the organization/company that is far away from your home location, in that condition you have two option either you send your whole docs soft copy or send him short summery [1 page] of your work with your online published paper’s link. In the first option most probably the organization would not believe on your project work because each have not much time to read a 100 pages description but if you choose second option then you have to publish you work on line and once your research work shall be on line then anybody may see or access you research paper. Sometimes some big researchers call some bright researchers to work with him by their on line published papers. ”
Therefore the conclusion of the story is the M.Tech paper publication is must and necessary to grab new opportunities in the world of growing technologies. 
                                                              Author- Dinesh Chauhan 
      (Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

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