Friday, July 18, 2014

Verilog Training in Delhi - NCR

Today, we had got the easiest approach for analyzing our hardware description circuit virtually before doing fabrication on PCB’s. Verilog is one of the weapons to resolve this problem and very interesting way to design our circuit. Verilog is one of the hardware description languages which are very easy to implement the desired functionality in the form of the virtual hardware circuit, but we have also had options to check whether the design is working properly or not. Through the process of simulation, we can easily see that after providing inputs we are getting the desired output or not in the simulation window. We can easily see the wide range of Verilog applications. Verilog is not only simply the hardware descriptive language, but one of the easiest approaches for designing task regarding any fields such as communications, digital signal processing or simply mathematics. The ones we come to know, what task we have to perform, it doesn’t matter to which field it is related we can design the whole package on a just small piece of silicon by just writing few Verilog lines.

 Author - Rahul Bhardwaj
(Research Associate at silicon mentor)

verlog training in delhi-NCR

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