Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Research Guidance For VLSI PhD Projects

The main motive of Doing PhD is to invent something excusive for the world. Students pursuing PhD devote four to five year to complete their thesis work which is enough to take technology forward. Research work in PhD involves in-depth identification of problem statement for respective field. One should think very carefully about the scope of research. So PhD projects selection should be highly innovative and must not be selected with the enthusiasm but to maintain the enthusiasm throughout the project until the project is finished.

Research Guidance For PhD projects

Here at SiliconMentor we provide guidance to PhD students for their research work.  We provide a suitable framework for VLSI PhD Research projects. Our research interest  cover Analog circuit design, Ultra low power VLSI design of Standard cell, Advance digital signal processing, Communication IPs, Digital circuit design,  RF & Mixed Signal Circuit design, Image & Video processing for Biomedical applications, FPGA Prototyping,  Processor architecture & bus protocol.Our effort drives us in application development and product development. We try our level best to take the PhD research work up to patent level.

We provide guidance in VLSI PhD projects, VLSI M.tech projects, MATALB PhD Projects, VLSI DSP projects for M.tech, MATLAB projects for M.tech, Analog PhD projects, DSP Projects for PhD, IEEE PhD projects and more even.

Our project support start from topic selection as per choice of students, Literature survey, and problem statement identification, tentative solution for problem, implementation of the projects, Implementation of New research approaches, tool practice and project guidance and the support continues till the final submission.

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