Monday, July 21, 2014 Research Projects guidance

Members of Silicon Mentor realise the importance of Mini and Major project that a student has to undertake and complete to comply as a curriculum pre-requisite. It specially has more significance for students or PhD students as they need to present a feasible study and simulation results on new design strategy adopted along with performance parameter analysis to substantiate their strategy.
This is how we at Silicon Mentor guide and help students in executing such research projects:

·         Discussion with candidate on sub-domain and subject matter;
·         Selecting a IEEE based topic and explaining the candidate of the underlying concept and exact identification of the problem statement;
·         Assisting synopsis preparation and verifying that it is aligned with problem statement and mentioning the logic that will be adopted to overcome the problem;
·         Searching the closest base paper and other closest prior art through research databases and other technical forums ,such as, IEEE, Research gate, Scribd , to name few and assisting students in chalking out the design strategy;

·         Periodic checking on the WPR (Weekly Progress Report) and the presentations indicating the project implantation flow;

·         Project Training on required tool so that the student can simulate and prove the base paper and study the dependency of circuit or its equivalent functional model on different parameters;

·         Deriving the student out of his comfort zone to develop out of the box thinking while resolving problems abstract as well as tangible, encountered during project execution;

·         Nourishing the ideas of the student and channelizing the ideas to obtain final results (complete the research).

Though we have started recently, we have made quick and innovative strides as in guiding 60 graduate and post graduate research students in sub micron layout, pre-silicon characterisation as part of their research projects in compliance with curriculum requisites, trained more than 45 students in basics and advanced methodologies and tools of VLSI and associated domains.

(Research Associate at Silicon Mentor)

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